Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My thoughts on the use of Narcan and its expense. 

I bring up this topic because it has hit close to home for me. My brother in-law almost lost his daughter to a heroin overdose. What is Narcan? It is used to revive heroin addicts back to life after overdose on heroin. My local city council person Dan Picard was playing judge and jury when he made comments on this subject. In recent weeks a reporter ask his opinion on the high cost and use of narcan to revive people back to life. His comments was, and I am quoting him: "Cant we just not give it to them and let them...." end quote.  I put back to life in bold print because deep down this means something to me. A long time ago I was at a low point in my life. I was poor and didn't have job and I was making excuses. I came to realize that I can do better than this "You only live once", "quit feeling sorry for yourself." I do not judge people on how and why they get to where they are in their lives. Most people do not want to be there anyway. Letting some one die when you can save them is not the answer. That shouldn't have to happen because it is not in the budget. If the city is worried about recouping their money they spend for narcan. Here are some ideas: 1. If they own a home apply the bill to their city tax bill. 2. If they rent suspend their license to drive until the bill is paid. 3. If they do not have either keep them in jail until paid or worked off. 4. If anyone overdoses on heroin it should be mandatory one year sentence. In drug treatment program paid for by them or work off through community service. Those are just some ideas. I just want to note nothing is free. I want to give Dan Picard and others a quick reminder on being judge and jury. The next you are in the hospital and they are saving your life by giving you expensive life saving treatment you couldn't afford. What would you say If some told you. "Sorry not in the budget"

I found a religious verse to capture what I mean. This is what I found: Psalm 82:4 Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

In closing: Saving someones life even though they appear to not care much about themselves Is far more important than worrying about the expense of it any day. Thank You Roy Gordon

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